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Below you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQ).

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Are your trailers certified in the European Union?

Yes, we have Certificates of Conformity valid in all EU countries, Switzerland and Norway for trailers of category O1 (up to 750 kg) and O2 (up to 3500 kg of gross weight).

What is the minimum number of trailers should be ordered by a dealer?

The minimum order is 1 trailer.

How is the delivery carried out?

We deliver by our own transport, up to 3 trailers at the same time (in terms of volume, this is a euro truck), due to which the freight costs of trailers (paying attention to the mileage) is lower than the market price and covers the cost of fuel and the driver's salary.

What will be my shipping costs for the trailer?

Now the rate for Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria is 490 € per 1 trailer.

Sweden, Spain and Portugal is 580 € per 1 trailer.

Shipping costs to Ireland, Finland and Norway are based on current ocean freight rates (updated every 15 days)

Do I need any equipment to unload the trailers when they come to me?

Our trucks are equipped with an electric winch and the driver will independently park and unload the trailers in the place you need.

Are the trailers protected somehow during transportation?

After passing the pre-sale preparation, the trailers are completely wrapped in a stretch film, and strong protective covers are put on top, which reliably protect the trailers during transportation.

What margin can a dealer expect?

We manufacture the best enclosed fiberglass trailers for transporting motor vehicles in Europe at the best price.

Profitability can be maximized at the dealer level. Dealer margin expectations vary depending on the local market and competitive environment.

Do I need to pay customs duty?

We are authorized exporters to the EU and all products we manufacture are free of any export duties to EU countries.

I do not have time to deal with customs clearance, can you help me with this?

We carry out turnkey customs clearance, if you do not have a customs broker, we ourselves will find the closest one to you and will fully interact with him. Trailers already fully cleared will be delivered to you, this is entirely our concern.

Can Lorgano help me with marketing?

We are engaged in active online marketing and redirect all customers who come to us to buy a trailer to the nearest dealer, which will increase your sales in addition to your main customers.