• Thanks to the classic Aero proportions, it gives the impression of movement even when standing still and reduces drag as much as possible(cx = 0,22)

  • It is not just a wind trick, it is a passion for shape

  • The body is assembled around the frame, completely embracing it (instead of being placed on top, like on similar trailers), so it forms a single whole with the frame, instead of being a "superstructure" placed on top of the frame


  • 4440 Length

  • 3280 Maximum loading length

  • 3000 Maximum motorcycle
    length for loading

  • 2450 Trailer height with an open top

  • 2010 Height with top closed

  • 1885 Maximum height in a doorway

  • 13° Angle of entry / exit of motorcycle

  • 1237 Doorway width

  • 1355 Internal loading width

  • 2010 External width

  • 1755-1770 Track size



The lightweight and durable roof featuring innovative composite stiffening ribs lifts and lowers effortlessly; it is both streamlined and highly durable, protecting your motorcycle on the road or in the parking lot

Rear door - motorcycle ramp, angle of arrival 13 °

Lightweight and durable, non-corrosive aluminum frame with stiffening ribs

Rigid, high-strength, one-piece fiberglass body, thickness is 0,2 in-0.4 in Galvanized steel supports with locking, hidden inside the body

Galvanized steel supports with locking, hidden inside the body

At the pipe joints, the wiring is routed through the frame, which prevents it from sagging. The brake cables are also additionally secured to the frame so they don't sag

Stainless steel tailgate lock

Fiberglass interior panels increase body rigidity and hide the back of the fiberglass inside the trailer


  • Color gloss white
  • Motorcycle wheel chock
  • Fiberglass interior panels
  • Protected shockproof wiring
  • AL-KO torsion bar suspension
  • Wheel arch liners made of fiberglass
  • 2 bumpers at the back and 1 at the front
  • Aluminum roof support
  • 6 galvanized floor rings for fixing the motorcycle
  • Chrome trim of headlights, of marker lamps reflectors and of interior lights
  • Chrome plate holder
  • Rubber bumpers for doors
  • Jockey Wheel AL-KO
  • All-weather tires
  • Spare wheel holder
  • Reinforced rubbers throughout the body (with metal core)
  • 2 wheel chocks AL-KO
  • Gas lifts of direct action in the mechanism of raising the top and reverse action in the mechanism of lowering the door
  • Floor and back door - water resistant plywood
  • External LED lights with dynamic indicators
  • Interior lighting – 2 big rectangular LED lights
  • Steel wheels rims in silver color
  • Illumination of side reflectors, 4 pcs
  • Aluminum and plastic corners framing the salon around the perimeter


The aerodynamic design reduces fuel consumption and simplifies transport, facilitating maneuvering

In the loaded state, a low center of gravity increases the stability of the trailer on the road

The trailer is equipped with a reliable lock which represents a major obstacle for thieves

The opening roof allows to comfortably place and fix the motorcycle in the trailer

In the event of unforeseen situations, the trailer will take the main hit on itself, minimizing or completely eliminating damage to the transported motorcycle (in the case of an open trailer, the motorcycle can be seriously damaged)

A small angle of entry into the trailer facilitates loading / unloading of the motorcycle

Hermetic, it completely protects the motorcycle from the influence of the external environment: ideal for storing the motorcycle out of season or for a long period between trips

It can serve as an effective advertising surface for your enterprise

During camping, biker and sports events, the trailer is used as a comfortable, durable tent


Length (with / without brake) 4650/4440 mm 4650 mm 4650 mm
Width 2010 mm 2010 mm 2010 mm
Height 2010 mm 2010 mm 2010 mm
Distance between the center of the hitch and the rear of the trailer (with / without brake) 4660/4450 mm 4660 mm 4660 mm
Loading area length 3280 mm 3280 mm 3280 mm
Rear overhang 1360 mm 1360 mm 1360 mm
Ground clearance 240 mm 240 mm 240 mm
MASSES AERO 1655 AERO 2205 AERO 3307
Gross weight 300/310 kg 540 kg 950 kg
Payload 450/440 kg 460 kg 550 kg
Technically permissible hitch weight 725 kg 1000 kg 1500 kg
Full axle load distribution 75 kg 75 kg 100 kg
Hitch Load Distribution 750 kg 1000 kg 1500 kg
Maximum speed (with / without brake) 100/80 km/h 100/80 km/h 100/80 km/h
Axis track 1755-1770 mm 1755-1805 mm 1755-1805 mm
Axle type torsion torsion torsion
Suspension travel 94-95 mm 92-93 mm 95 mm
Axis resource 200000 km 200000 km 200000 km
Disc options R14 5.5J PCD 4x98 D58.6 ET35 R14 5.5j PCD5x112 ET35-45 Dia67 ET39 R14 5.5j PCD5x112 ET35-45 Dia67 ET39
Braking system AL-KO 1636G AL-KO 2051 KNOTT 20-2425 / 1
Trailer brake AL-KO 60S / 2 B: E1 55R-01 0225 AL-КО 90С / 3: Э1 55Р-01 0226 Knott KF20: E1 55R-01 2073